•    Lessons are done at Island Music, 58 Main Street, Vineyard Haven, MA, privately, by the half hour and are $30.00 each.

•    1 trial lesson may be scheduled as available; thereafter, Lessons are to be paid a minimum of one week in advance to confirm time. If slot is unpaid and we are not notified, your slot is considered available to other students. No exceptions.

•    A 24 hour notice must be given to cancel a lesson. An Island Music employee must be reached and notified verbally, in person or over the phone, on the day prior to the lesson. Answering machine messages are not proper notification of a cancelled lesson as this does not allow us to staff instructors accordingly.

•    Cancellations with 24 or more hours notice: Payment of lesson for the time slot cancelled is transferred to the next lesson.

•    Cancellations without 24 or more hours notice: Payment of lesson is forfeited and forwarded to instructor as non-cancellation fee.

•    The main phone number you give us is the contact point for these rules. We recommend paying for a minimum of 4 lessons in advance to avoid confusion.

•    We reserve the right to modify this policy with notice to the student/parent. Updated Feb 22, 2014.

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