Lesson Policies

Musical Instrument Store

Lessons are held at Island Music, 58 Main Street, Vineyard Haven, MA, privately, by the half hour, and are $30.00 each. 

Payment for a full month’s lessons is due at the last lesson of the preceding month. A student’s first lesson may be paid for singularly, ahead of time, but the remaining month’s lessons must be paid for at the end of that first lesson.

Lessons are weekly. You must notify us if you are not planning on attending the following week. A 24-hour notice must be given to cancel a lesson, in person or by calling 508-693-8596. We must pay our teachers for their time, so no exceptions, including illnesses.

The main phone number you give us is the contact point for these rules. 

“I have read and understand this policy,”


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                                   Student Name                                 Student Main Contact Phone #                        

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 Student or Parent Signature                                  Date

Parent/Guardian Names (if applicable) and emergency phone numbers:

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